Updated 18 August 2014.

Don't Over Develop Durrington!

The Campaign to save Durrington's Greenbelt 


OVER the next six years up to 700 houses could be built on the farmland to the north and west of Tesco in West Durrington. If allowed this would massively increase the population of Durrington yet with only a minimum of extra facilities, assuming there is money for them!.

Full details about the development are available at the council offices and main Library both in Richmond Road. They are also on the council's website if you follow this link:
http://planning.adur-worthing.gov.uk/online-applications/ and type in the box West Durrington Development.

However due to the complexity and large number of documents it will be a daunting task for many of us to get to grips with, but from what has been read so far the developers have tried to reassure us they are able to deal with problems such as:



Frankly we are not convinced by the developers' confidence and we now hear that some residents' have raised these further issues:

Please note: This application is due to come before the council planning committee very soon, so if you have concerns they must be put in writing now. Address any letter or email to: 

Planning and Building Control
Worthing Borough Council 
Portland House 
Richmond Road 
You can also send it by email to: 
Quoting References:
 AWDM/0661/14. AWDM/0663/14.  AWDM/0603/14 and AWDM/0569/14.    Also adding your name and address.

Point to note: As the same comments can be used for all four applications it is ideal to copy and paste a master letter onto four separate emails. Also don’t just address each letter/e-mail as Mrs and Mrs, send 2 separate letters one as Mr the other as Mrs. The more mail they get more notice they take.  Also remember other members of the family and also friends - get everyone to write in!   ( If you would like a sample letter, have any suggestions, want to be added to our mail list or find any errors please email us at: dontoverdevelopdurrington@gmail.com 



Please don't allow this to happen!!

Sign our Petition:




Finally. It’s important to get a many letters as possible into the papers - let everyone know about us. The addresses are:

Worthing Herald: letters@worthingtoday.co.uk

Argus: letters@theargus.co.uk 

West Sussex Gazette: letters@westsussextoday.co.uk